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The do not call database run by the FCC has been a great thing to help reduce the ever increasing number of telemarketer, scam calls, and other types of telephone callers that are bothering people today.  Thankfully, some of these have been on the decrease but for many people not quite fast enough.  We've seen some type of increase in messages from groups that are actually outside the United States -- this could be due to the ease of use of long distance calls and also because they are less expensive (or free) than they used to be.


Did you get a phone call from  734-542-7758? Learn more about this phone number below . Also click here to report a harassing caller and help stop these unwanted calls.

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Location LIVONIA, MI

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Rachelle Kelley - Fri, Sep 16th 2011 Rating: +1
These people called me at 7:20pm last night on 9/15/2011. I am a former employee who used to work for MSI for almost 2 years. They wanted me to do a PGE survey. They closed the Portland office after being there since 1986. They gave us only 2 months notice under WARN. They told us that we would get help through the Workforce Employment Department finding other work and we did not. All 199 of us got laid off in August of 2009. My life because of MSI has been so messed up and been destroyed and a big black mark has been put on my record because of them laying me off. It has caused me to not be able to get other types of work or jobs. Quite a few ex co workers have lost their apartments and places to live because of the mass layoff and we communicate through the Facebook. I do not have a criminal record and can see no one not hiring me because of that but have never been in jail. I cannot pay my bills and collectors are calling all the time getting me to try and pay them but how can you pay anybody if no one will hire you through no falt of my own. Employers seem to think I woke up one morning and told MSI INC to close and lay me and 199 others off. They also seem to think I woke up one day and decided to be disabled and use a walker. I was in a horrible accident in August of 2006 that was not my falt and that is why I have to use a walker a and not because I woke up one day and decided to use one. MSI you cost me alot and cost me the ability to get a job and make a living in this touch world out there. My life sucks so bad now because of what you did to us by laying us off. Yesterday they told us in a class over at Willow Creek Employment Department that 2000-5000 people would next month file through their programs and classes and to prepare for it. Never have things been so bad in Portland. So far when the depression started here in 2008 7 million 600 thousand call center and manufacturing jobs have been lost to NAAFTA. These jobs are gone for good and never ever coming back to Portland at all. Until NAAFTA gets repealed and our government realizes how it is hurting millions and millions of people in Oregon and in the US unemployment will never ever get any better and do not see it getting any better here in Portland until that happens. Call center jobs and entry level jobs are becoming obsolete and because of this people have been forced to steal from each other and stores to get by. Ihate you MSI for messing up my life. All I know is working for someone and trying to get a job and cannot do that now due to you being evil to me and messing up my life for good where I cannot live or pay my bill. MSI you suck bad!!!
Caller ID: Yes I do have caller id
Caller Company: MSI Market Research
Caller Type: Other Commercial
tj - Thu, Mar 24th 2011 Rating: 0
Calls me for last 2 weeks but doesn't leave a message. Never answered it, and try to find a way to block 'em
Caller ID: 734-542-7758
annoyed - Sun, Mar 6th 2011 Rating: 0
Keeps calling, leaves no message.
Caller ID: 7345427758
zigzag - Sun, Jan 30th 2011 Rating: +1
Yes, I got calls from 734-542-7758 as well, "calls alot" did you have any more information on them?
calls alot - Fri, Jan 7th 2011 Rating: +2
Calls me alot but doesn't leave a message. Never answered it
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